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Charge up!

The Holland Group are first to install electric car chargers in Dartmouth

The Holland Group are delighted to have installed the first publicly available car chargers in Dartmouth at Dartside Court in Clarence Street TQ6 9NW. Check out the location in the brilliant navigation app What3Words: perch.whizzing.pure

These fast Chargers are situated in a covered area under our holiday apartments. There are two chargers in separate bays and fully signed from the road.

With the electric vehicle disruption (EV) well underway now, people have been wondering how long they will have to wait for public chargers to be installed in the town. You don’t have to wait any longer!

Not everyone in Dartmouth has off-street parking for charging an EV and so public chargers are essential. We hope our new installation will encourage residents without the capability of off-street charging at home to now consider getting an EV for the first time.

Although this is new technology to everyone it is rapidly becoming popular. The Holland Group are investing in this new technology to encourage more local people to drive electric and to attract EV-owning visitors to come and stay in the town.

Although the process for ‘refuelling’ EVs by charging their batteries is new for everyone and may seem a bit confusing, it is very similar to charging your smartphone. There are clear instructions at the charge bays and 24/7 support by phone or online. There is also a contact number for the local company EVC in case you have any questions!


One last thing we would like please is your feedback. Please let us know how you are getting on and any problems you may have encountered. Use the number or email below.

If you are interested in getting an EV or finding out how to use a public charger, EVC can help.

Just phone Alan on 07726 598 083 or email